Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fish and prawn, basil, tomatoes, sauce setoise:

1kg mixed fish (salmon, cod, monk, bass, 10 tiger prawns)
½ kg mashed potato
2 eggs yolks
60gr butter
¼ bunch basil
3 plum tomatoes, Peeled, seeded and cut into concasse
5 fleurons
150ml sauce Setoise
15ml Rouille sauce
150ml béarnaise sauce
150ml whipping cream, whipped
Combine mashed potato with butter and the eggs yolks and season and making the duchesse.
Place in a piping bag with a star shaped nozzle and pipe around a flat bowl plate and glaze under the salamander.
Poach the fish in salt and water, sauté the tiger prawns and drain. Reheat the Setoise sauce,
Rouille and fold in the béarnaise and whipped cream and add the tomatoes and shredded basil.
Place neatly in the centre of the plate and glaze under the salamander.
Ingredients for sauce Setoise:
250gr langoustine shells
250ml fish stock
250ml rose wine
250ml whipping cream
15gr tomato puree
Brown the shells in a heavy based pan until golden. Add the wine, the puree and reduce till thick. Add the stock and cream by half. Strain through a fine chinos and chill.
Ingredients for Rouille sauce:
15gr basil
15gr garlic peeled
1 egg yolk
50ge olive oil
25gr Dijon mustard
Combine all the ingredients in the blender until it forms a smooth puree. Adjust seasoning and chill.

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