Friday, June 09, 2006

Cream caramel:

Ingredients Caramel:
Sugar 100gr

Water 125ml


Prepare the caramel by placing three quarters of the water in a thick pan.
Adding the sugar and allowing boiling gently, without shaking or stirring the pan. When the sugar has cooked to a golden brown caramel colour, add the remaining of the water, re-boil until the sugar and water mix, then pour into the bottom of moulds.

Ingredients custard:
Sugar 50gr
Vanilla 5drops
Milk ½ l
Eggs 4


Prepare the cream by warming the milk and whisking on to the beaten eggs, sugar and vanilla.
Strain and pour into the prepared moulds. Place in a roasting in half full of water. Cook in moderate oven at 160’c for 40min.
When they are getting cold, loosen the edges of the cream caramel with the fingers, and shake firmly to loosen an
d turn out on to a flat dish or plates.

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