Friday, August 11, 2006

Cold Piperade:

Courgettes 1kg
Aubergine 500gr
Tomatoes 800gr
Onions 2
1 bunch of watercress

Garlic 7cloves
Red pepper 1

Green pepper 1
Eggs 12
Salt, pepper to taste

Puree the watercress in a blander, and then do the same with enough tomatoes. Dice and strain the remaining tomatoes.
Into three separate bowls, beat four eggs apiece. Blend the pureed cress into one, and the pureed tomatoes into second bowl. The eggs in the third bowl should be l
eft plain. Season with salt and pepper and then prepare three flat omelettes.
When the omelettes have cooled, use a circular cutting tool to cut out four slices of about 3in (75mm) in diameter from each omelette.
Dice the garlic and remaining vegetables; sauté each vegetable separately for 10min or until brown; mix all vegetables together and set aside to cool.
In the bottom of a 3in circular form, place one cut-out omelette slice. On it place about a tablespoon of mix vegetables, and the
n lay down another slice of omelette in a different colour, top with another layer of vegetables, and finish with an omelette of the third colour. Invert onto the centre of a plate.

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