Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sausage rolls:

Puff pastry
Sausage meat 400gr
Crash garlic 2
Chopped parsley

Salt, pepper

Yolk egg 1

Roll out the pastry 3mm thick into a strip 10cm wide.
Mix sausage meat with herbs, salt and pepper.
Make sausage meat into a roll 2cm diameter.
Place on the pastry.
Moisten with egg wash the edges of the pastry.
Fold over and seal. Cut into 8cm lengths.
Mark the edge with the back of a knife.
Brush with egg wash.
Place on to a greased, dampened baking sheet.
Bake it at 220’c for about 20min.


abbas said...

sharmandeh ba sausage roll movafegh nistam chon in suasages pedare mano tu Greggs dar avordeh.hamash bayad sini por konam bezaram tu oven.are ghorbunet

Anonymous said...

What language is this from Abbas? I am curious.