Saturday, May 20, 2006

Vegetarian Quiche:

Rough puff or short pastry 100gr
Sweet corn 20gr
Grated cheese 25gr
Medium egg 1
Milk 125ml
Asparagus 4
Chopped mushroom 10gr
Chopped shallot 1
Butter 10gr
Cayenne, salt
Fry mushroom and shallot just little bit with butter.
Lightly grease four or 10 good-size barquette or tartlet moulds.
Roll out the pastry and line thinly pastry on the base. Prick the bottoms of the paste two or three times with a fork.
Place in the fridge for 15min.
Put the grease paper top up the base and cover with dry beans inside it. Cooking in hot oven at 250’c for 4min or until the pastry is lightly set.
Remove from the oven and take out the paper and beans; press the pastry down if it has tended to rise. And back to oven just for 3min more.
Add the vegetable and sweet corn except asparagus and grated cheese.
Mix the egg, milk, salt and cayenne thoroughly and desing with asparagus.
Strain into the barquettes. Return to the oven at 230’c and bake gently for 20min or until nicely browned and set.
Ingredients for Short Paste:
Flour (soft) 300gr
Water 8tbsp
Punch salt
Butter 75gr
Lard 75gr
Sieve the flour and salt. Mix with butter and lard. Add the water.

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