Friday, May 19, 2006

Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce:

Medjool dates stoned and chopped 150gr
Water 200ml

Bicarbonate of soda 1tsb
Unsalted butter 50gr
Caster sugar 150gr
Medium eggs 2
Self-raising flour 100gr

Boil the dates in water for approximately five min until soft, and after 5min add the bicarbonate of so
Wisk the butter and sugar together until light and white gradually beat in the eggs.
Mix with dates, flour and vanilla essence, stir well.

Form into the greased baking tin and bake in a pre-heated oven 180’c for approximately 40min, until firm to the touch.
Carefully portion the sponge.
Sauce ingredients:
Double cream 250ml

Butter 62gr
Demerara sugar 100gr
Make the sauce by boiling the cream, whisk in the butter and sugar, and simmer for 3min. carefully pour over the pudding.

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abbas said...

zaheresh alie bede bokhorim dige.albatte ghazaro migam na chize digaro